Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So I have been tagged for an "I am" meme, from what I gather this means I get to blog about me. I don't know wether to be excited, flattered or worried but here it goes.

I am... very interested in learning about the way ppl think, feel and basically move through life. I love so called "self help" books and sitting down with a good friend to discuss our opinions of said books over a fine bottle of wine.

I am... a chocolate addict.

I am... newly in love with the sweetest little girl I have ever laid my eyes upon, my niece Abbigail Adora. I have never felt such a type of love before and I so look forward to watching her grow and amaze me as I know she will.

I am... eagerly looking forward to the day I earn the title "Mom" and am currently focusing on ways to improve myself so that I will be the best example I can be.

I am... a TaeKwonDo White Belt. Just started a few months ago, totally loving it and well on my way to a yellow belt.

I am... a volunteer "Big Sister".

I am... a lover of Spain and Portugal. I went backpacking many years ago now and absolutey loved these two countries. I would love to take my husband back there with me one day to wander the streets and beaches, eat seafood and absorb the culture.

I am... new to blogger world and thank chili for the opportunity to introduce myself.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home Indeed

Good day all.

Thought I would start this blog with a post about our new home. After four months of hard saving and dwelling in the parents' basement we purchased our first abode where we hope to make many special memories. We moved in the first week of May and despite a few hiccups it has been a wonderful experience. The home is brand new so we have a lot of work ahead of us.

See our beautiful dock, it's like waterfront property!! The front yard will be landscaped by the builder (once the ground dries up and they find time to fit us in) and they will pour us a driveway but we are responsible for the rest of the yard.

Our backyard is currently a lake. Bronwyn and I joke that I should blow up one of those inflatable pool lounge chairs, grab a drink and go tanning in the back yard. What a great way to introduce myself to the neighbours; I can float all the way over to their yard!!

Once the ground is properly leveled we need to get some grass on the go. We are debating between sod, seed or that cool spray seed. We'll have to wait and see what the budget permits. Also on Dylan's growing "Honey Do List" is a fence and a deck. This seems to have turned into a great excuse to buy new tools!!

Our neighbourhood has strict covenants about fencing so there is only one style and one colour we can use. I happen to like this rule that way we all look uniform (all you SJA'ers out there know how much I love uniformity, lol) also there is no arguing with your neighbour about what kind of fence to put up so hopefully we can split the bill with them.

The interior of the home is much less soggy but not without it's moving challenges. To start, our fridge was scratched upon delivery, the dishwasher still has not come in and the brand new, never been used dryer requires a new motor. When you pay alot of money for a super quiet machine you tend to be a bit miffed when it squeaks everytime it rotates. Other than that we love the new appliances and are happy to make them part of our family.

As you can see, the basement is unfinished. We have great dreams of another bedroom, bathroom and a soccer themed family room. This work will provide us many hours of entertainment during the long winter months Grande Prairie has to offer. Right now it serves as a wonderful, and cheap, storage facility.

Other new members to the family include a lovely armchair, ottoman and loveseat. I seem to be on a green kick lately so they fit right in to the current decor. And since I got to indulge in new furniture it only seemed fair that Dylan should be granted his life's greatest wish, a new big screen TV. Okay, okay, I'll admit it, I really like it too, but don't tell him that!!

I will keep you all posted (pun totally intended) as we continue to settle in. This weekend we intend on tackling the spare bedroom that is currently filled with all those boxes that we don't quite know what to do with yet, we're both really looking forward to that!!

Love to you all and if any of you should ever find yourself in Grande Prairie (I know it's hard to imagine but just humour me) please call and hopefully we'll have found room in the spare bedroom for you somewhere.